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Articles and Essays:

A Man and His Plock
 East Bay Express, February 2013

Joshua Mohr and the Mission of Fiction
East Bay Express, January 2012

Joshua Mohr Lets Chaos Flow into Sordid Stories
The San Francisco Chronicle, October 2011

Rising Author Returns with "Damascus"
The San Francisco Chronicle, October 2011

Teen Spirit, Soured: Review of James Franco's "Palo Alto"
The New York Times Book Review, October 2010

The Illustrated Man: On SF's Tattoo Culture
7x7 Magazine, June 2010

A Faithful Grope in the Dark
The Rumpus, May 2009

The Anxiety of Influence
The Rumpus, January 2010

Joshua Mohr Interviews:

Interview Magazine chats with Josh about "Fight Song" and why the suburbs are so scary.

Electric Literature asks Josh about the "hand job, dive bar" genre.

The LA Times asks Josh about his favorite summer reads, which seems innocuous enough until he discloses his urge to stalk E.L. Doctorow.

Weston Cutter and HTML giant want to know about satire and addiction. 

The Rumpus lobs some questions about black comedies and being a nerd.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn wants to know about escapism.

Trop Magazine gets into the magical realism of FIGHT SONG.

Josh talks shop with Dan Kirschen of The Henry Millers.

SF Weekly and Josh get into snuggling with Bigfoot.

The LitReactor gang wing 10 questions Josh's way.

Literary badasses at HTML Giant chat with Josh about Damascus, bar culture, and the Coen brothers.

Podcast over at Other People

Point/Counterpoint with Sean Beaudoin at the Weeklings.

The Rumpus interview with Josh, dishing on his "trilogy" of novels, San Francisco circa 2003, and giving ice cream to his needy characters.

Bomb Magazine and Josh chat about addiction, redemption, and the Flaming Lips.

Monkey Bicycle wants Josh to grade his own novels!

The Zyzzyva gang asks why on earth is there so much personal apocalypse in Damascus?

Impose Mag asks why Santa Claus is better than clowns or the Easter bunny.

The smart kids at Nth Word ask about war protest and Robert Altman.

Holy Diver dudes chat with Josh about San Francisco dive bars.

Words With Writers talks with Josh about all things Damascus--and a bit about mac and cheese, too.

Q & A with the crew at Raging Biblioholism.

Author Johnny Evison of Three Guys One Book talks with Josh about writing (and rewriting), vampire submarines, reckless discovery and why Josh got a two dollar radio tattooed on his arm.

Impose Magazine talks with Josh about the "5 Best things He's Read Recently".

Termite Parade Playlist on Largehearted Boy, including 7 Year Bitch, Fang, and Tom Waits. 

The San Francisco Examiner talks with Josh about women's shoes, termites, and trust issues. Hilarity ensues.

Joshua shares his thoughts on spontaneous combustion, sobriety, the Oprah bump, and trailer parks in The Local’s Local.

Joshua Mohr talks about clam chowder with gin, starving artists and more with L Magazine.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviews Josh about his compulsion to write, as well as his connection to the Mission District.

Joshua Mohr interviews Joe Meno before the 2 authors read together in Portland.

Josh talks about “when he fell in love with literature” at Three Guys, One Book.

The playlist for "Some Things that Meant the World to Me," part of Largehearted Boy's Book Notes series.



EXCERPT FROM DAMASCUS Reading at Portuguese Artists Colony



TERMITE PARADE Book Launch at City Lights Bookstore!

1. Peter introduces Joshua                                            2. It's everyone's birthday!

3. Go Wombats!                                                            4. Q and A

Why There Are Words
Reading from TERMITE PARADE (Derek)

Joshua Mohr » Why There Are Words from karpevan on Vimeo.

Quiet Lightning
Reading from TERMITE PARADE (Frank)

Not Your Usual Beach Reading
Reading from TERMITE PARADE (Derek)

Joshua Mohr | Not Your Usual Beach Reading from Evan Karp on Vimeo.

Literary Death Match
Reading Short Story FAMILY

The Rumpus
Reading Short Story FAMILY

Writers With Drinks
Reading Short Story OUR SKIES