August 11, 2009

Video from Rumpus Reading

I read last night at the Rumpus' monthly series; it was at San Francisco's Makeout Room and the night was a total blast. Not only did Steve Almond, Katie Crouch, and Skip Horack all give solid readings, there were the musical stylings of DJ Real (his hit single "Let me rub my moustache on your shoulder" should be climbing the musical charts any day now) and also a yo-yo master (okay, in the name of full disclosure I missed the yo-yo guy because I was hungry and ran across the street for a slice of pizza but I did hear from some reliable sources that the yo-yo master was indeed a yo-yo master.).

Anyway, I recently turned my 2nd novel "Termite Parade" into my publisher and have spent my "downtime" working on some shorter pieces. The next novel will be released in June 2010.

The vid is of a new short story, entitled "Family."