September 24, 2010

One last LA reading for Termite Parade

I'll be slithering down from San Francisco to LA's Chinatown this weekend.  Jim Ruland runs this kick ass literary series down there called Vermin on the Mount, and I'm excited to play along.  Also reading are Matt Stewart, Grace Krilanovich, and Steve DeJarnatt. 

It's not like you really have anything better to do on a Sunday night anyway... turn off the TV and come say hi.  We both need more social stimuli.  Our therapists said so.  They said, "Make an effort to get out more," and we said, "Okay, we will."  But we didn't really mean it.  We were trying to say the right things.  Sometimes, we confuse saying the right things with doing the right things.  At least, if you come to the reading, I'll give you a hug and say, "See, I knew our therapists were wrong about us!" and we can feel happy, submerged in our blissful embrace.