October 7, 2010

Free Write: Steal Franzen's Glasses

Not sure if you heard, but a couple blokes thought it would be a hoot to steal Jonathan Franzen's glasses and hold them for ransom this week.  This got me thinking: maybe we all (consciously or otherwise) want to steal Franzen's spectacles.  Here's this week's writing prompt:

"You" are convinced that Franzen's literary success is a product of his magical glasses.  They give him narrative super-powers.  "You" know that all you need is to reappropriate them and stardom is inevitable...

So you go to a reading of his, and afterward, while he's signing books, "you" approach the table and once you hand him a copy to autograph, that's when you make your move, trying to rip the glasses from his head.  What happens?  Do "you" get away with it?  And do they have magical powers for "you" too?

Happy writing,

P.S. Your imagination will thank you for letting it out of solitary confinement, walking it around the yard...

P.P.S. Your art matters.