January 28, 2011

Antonia Crane on Termite Parade

I heart Antonia Crane.  If you don't know AC's writing, she's the real-deal.  I've heard her read live a few times now, and she always kills.

There's this cool website called Annotation Nation.  It's a place where literature dorks can be as literature-dorky as we want to be.  Recently, AC deconstructed "Termite Parade" and I love the way she read the book.

All of Mohr’s characters in Termite Parade are cowardly, guilty, irresponsible and obstinate, but they desperately want to be better boyfriends, better brothers and better people. They’re the stuck part of us that wants to change. They are what Sam Lipsyte meant in The Ask when he said our lovers are “our destroyers” because we give them our tender termite hearts and sometimes they drop us down the stairs.

As writers, we don't get to choose who reads our books or how closely they pay attention to the details, but I like to think that everybody reads as smartly as AC does.

Thanks, Antonia!