August 29, 2012

Lit Reactor Class

Salutations, literati:

How goes it, everyone?  It's been radio silence on my side, making the last tweaks on Fight Song, my new novel.  It will be at a bookstore near you in February 2013.  I'll post a tour schedule soon once we dial in all the dates. 

I'm teaching a 4-week class at LitReactor starting Sept 6th.  It's going to be about plotting tactics, though we'll also discuss conflict, dialogue, and some characterization.  The class is completely online, so whether you're in Antarctica,  Burma, or Costa Rica, come play with me.  I'd love to talk shop with you.  All the info is here.

It's a beautiful sunny afternoon in San Francisco, which means I'm gonna go sit in Dolores Park. I hope you're scribbling lots of pretty words on your side.