October 15, 2009


It’s Litquake time, a wonderful week here in San Francisco. There have already been some amazing events, including the Amy Tan roast ("Braising Amy"), but I wanted to mention the Lit Crawl coming this Saturday night. Hundreds of writers will be reading at bars and businesses in the Mission district. It’s divided into 3 phases throughout the course of the evening.

I’ll be reading during phase 3 at the Artillery Gallery, about 8:30. The show I'm affiliated with is "imaginations without limit." I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'll do my best to be sufficiently imaginative.

All Litquake info is here.

If the Lit Crawl calendar seems overwhelming, some highlights of the extravaganza include Steve Elliott hosting the Rumpus reading at the Makeout room, featuring Vendela Vida, Bucky Sinister, Michelle Richmond, and others. And one of my favorite local writers, Andrew Foster Altschul, will be down at the Beauty Bar, MCing the Center for Literary Arts reading.

Whether you make it to my reading or not, please try and get out to support other writers sharing their work. There's a ton of talent participating. Plus, it's a great excuse to bar hop. And since all of the readings are free, you'll have more money for whiskey shots... do you see how this is a win/win situation?