November 8, 2009

"All About Lulu" talks all about Rhonda

For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of reading Jonathan Evison's first novel "All About Lulu", I definitely recommend checking it out. He's a funny, warped writer, and I mean that in the best possible way. The book is a great ride.
Evison is also one of the famed book biz insiders of the blog threeguysonebook: they kick around all things literati-related, review books, and generally wax intelligently about the surreal world of publishing. This week, Evison had some nice things to say about Rhonda. Here's my favorite excerpt:

"I'm just guessing, here, but it seems like Mr. Mohr may have tilted a few horns on an immolated sofa at some point, and possibly even slept with a zip-lock full of rotting fruit pulp, because this stuff feels lived."
Ha! I knew all that hard living would come in handy some day...

More importantly than my review, though, is that 3G1B genuinely love books and engage in inspired dialogue with their readers/ subscribers. So if you're looking for recommendations or more ways to waste time at work, hit their site.