November 16, 2009

Oprah loves Rhonda!

O magazine's holiday issue just profiled "10 Terrific Reads of 2009" and they generously selected "Some Things that Meant the World to Me" as a component. Here's what they had to say:

"Meet Rhonda, a man who spends his haunted, liquor-fueled days dumpster-diving for redemption. With his first line, "I'd like to brag about the night I saved a hooker's life," debut writer Joshua Mohr sucks you into Some Things That Meant the World to Me. Charles Bukowski fans will dig the grit in this seedy novel, a poetic rendering of postmodern San Francisco culminating in, of all places, Home Depot."

The other nine writers range from Christopher Buckley to Dave Eggers to Michelle Huneven to Uwem Akpan, and I'm truly honored to be listed among them.

I'm not sure how "visible" the pic is over there on the left, but it's one artist's rendering of what might have made O's cover even better. The cover actually has Oprah and Ellen on it; however, thanks to the glorious power of Photoshop, here's what it would have looked like had I been invited to participate in their frollicking fun.

Thanks to O for including my novel. What an amazing (and unexpected) bit of news! I'm incredibly grateful.