January 6, 2011

BlackBook's "Top Books" of 2010

Happy new year, all!  I hope you rang 2011 in with whatever panache your particular poisons allow.  I was a wild man, in bed well before midnight on NYE, head weighing 80 pounds with the flu.  That wouldn't have stopped me 5 years ago, but, well, it ain't 5 years ago...

As is the custom at the end of every year, varying publications, blogs, and whatnot put out their "Best Of The Year" lists.  Most are pretty boring/standard remixes of other lists, but BlackBook Magazine does it right, spicing it up with categories that we've never seen before.

Aren't you curious who wrote the "Best Book About Being Obsessed with a Mentally Retarded Person in a Way That isn’t Creepy"?

Or the "Best Book about How Shitty the Future is Going to Be"?

Make sure to check out the category that "Termite Parade" topped.

And try and make it into February before your New Year's resolutions get heaved out the window...

Happy writing,

PS: I just read Patrick deWitt's new novel, "The Sisters Brothers."  It won't be published until May, but keep your eyes out.  It's incredible.

PPS:The CCLaP had some nice things to say about "Some Things that Meant the World to Me."

PPS: The staff at Powells picks their top books of the year.