June 21, 2010

And the haiku winner is...

The haiku contest was a blast. Thanks to all who participated. It's crazy how many methods of communication were incorporated to send me these: blog comments to texts to tweets to email to facebook to goodreads to a strange voicemail (yikes). What, no one faxes anymore? If anyone snail-mailed theirs, sorry, but I'm going to pick a winner before the pony express rolls through.

Some honorable mentions:

The lovely Grace Krilanovich, whose first novel "The Orange Eats Creeps" comes out in September, wrote a great one. As did Kristin. Rebecca Stern wrote a solid sub about a hangover. My sister wrote a good one, too, though I disqualify her: there's no nepotism around these parts, kid.

The big winner is Michelle M. She gets points for being extra sweet, in a world that can use all the sweetness it can handle:

"I want to gnaw through

your tough shell like a termite

and live in your heart."

Congrats Michelle. Pop me your address and I'll send a signed book.

Speaking of, Termite isn't out for a week and a half, but the first reviews are beginning to trickle in. I wanted to mention one specifically because it's always nice to get love from the hometown publications. San Francisco Magazine had some really nice things to say. They also give their reviews letter grades, which I appreciate as a throwback. Nice to know I'm still not an A student...

"Termite Parade is a treat, an unlikely redemption story with a distinctly San Francisco flavor."