July 5, 2010

Winner of the Mom Competition...

So who has the biggest hangover this morning? Who ate the best potato salad? Woke up with the best looking stranger? Any good fistfights or firework-related injuries?

I pulled my "Scrooge in July" routine and stayed home. I took a bath. I just moved into a new apartment that has a tub a grownup can actually fit into and since have been taking a couple baths a week. If you are strictly a shower-person, why not take a bath? They're good times.

Last Tuesday, I posted a contest to describe your relationship with your mother in only five words, which as anybody who has ever had a mother will tell you, is no easy feat. But you guys killed. The entries were fantastic; thanks to everyone who participated.

Some people went with humor (sort of):

Ruth D: "We are now switching places"

Sarah: "Is that what you're wearing?"

Anonymous: "Not mini me? Bad girl..."

Most, though, were brutally emotional--a few I admired:

Caroline: "A remarkable reliance on memory"

Julie: "Neurotic dissatisfied disappointed, now dead"

Brian: "Simple thoughts for sad soul"

The big winner was Irene, whose submission "Life long labyrinth no exit" seems to describe the maze of family brilliantly. Well done. I'll slip you a book in the next couple days.

Also, Poets & Writers put out their "new and noteworthy" books for the summer and they were nice enough to include Termite Parade on their list.