July 2, 2010

Termite Parade Playlist

If you haven't checked out largehearted boy, it's a great site. David, its mastermind, blogs regularly about music and literature, and he does so with insight and responsibility. We should support him by clicking thru his smart pages. It's better than clicking thru crappy pages, and since we're probably going to do that, too--why not "trick" yourself by adding something of substance before checking out the daily filth?

I have trouble sleeping. Insomnia has always been something I struggle with, but with the book launch, it's been particularly unruly. Normally, I like insomnia because it means I write more: midnight to 5 a.m. tends to be my sweet spot (no noise, no cell phone, no email)... but with all the chaos this week, I can't write a word. So I'm just up. And it sucks.

I keep trying to write a play, but the main problem is that it sucks, too. Hmmm. What's with all this sucking? Any playwrights out there wanna give me a pep talk?

Anyway, the Termite Parade playlist represents what I listened to when I wrote the book, but then I started wondering if people have certain bands/styles of music they listen to while they read. So do you?