July 1, 2010

Women's shoes, termites, & trust issues

Today is the official drop date for Termite Parade. It's always an uphill struggle for indie writers to get the word out because we don't have huge ad budgets like the corporate shops. If you feel inclined to help others catch wind of my read, I'd be immensely grateful. This here's a good ol' fashioned grassroots movement--and I wouldn't have it any other way! Thanks so much...

In case you're in the mood for some Q & A banter, I did an interview with the SF Examiner yesterday. Here's a fun sneak:

Examiner: Last March you challenged Nicholas Sparks to a fistfight after he declared himself The Greatest Writer Ever while doing an interview with Miley Cyrus of all people. Well, have you heard from him?

J.M.: Unfortunately, it’s been all quiet on the Sparks front, but if/when I do hear from him, I bet he sends an email that goes something like this:

Mr. Mohr:

Contrary to popular opinion, sir, it’s not okay to go willy-nilly assailing people’s character. I am an evolved, erudite storyteller (a best-selling storyteller if you haven’t heard. LOL), and you’re just a third-tier nobody. You’re probably just jealous. That’s what my mom says. She says oh, that lowly third-tier nobody must be envious of her Nicky-slicky selling so many ookie-bookies. Is that it? Are you jealous of Nicky-slicky and my ookie-bookies? It’s okay; of course you are. A lot of people reek of jealousy-cologne when it comes to the prowess of the Sparkz! But please, kind sir, find your way to the high road. Let’s act like gentleman (or I’ll unveil the gangsta sleeping in the penitentiary of my heart).


The Great White Sparkz

Ah, Sparkz: you are an absolute thrill to me! I hope everybody enjoys the holiday weekend.

Also, I'm celebrating the release of Termite Parade by getting a new tattoo today. Check out the mud flap girl reading a book near the top of this post: a group of librarians in Wyoming designed it to show a younger female audience that you can be sexy, but it's even better to be smart and sexy. She'll be on my arm faster than you can say "Overdue books."