August 11, 2010

Termite Parade on KQED Podcast

I thought maybe you were in the sort of mood where you wanted a writer to read to you today.  You're in your cube, or at home, at home in your cube.  You can't sleep or can't stay awake; you can't stop crying.  Maybe you really want to cry or are laughing hysterically or there's anger slamming around your guts.  Maybe you just got great news, or bad news, or no news.  Maybe your life has changed or you keep thinking Jesus Christ, when will my life change?  Or it's neither a grand nor disastrous day... just another humdrum whiz around your world.

Regardless, sometimes it's nice to have a writer read her/his book to you.  Hear it in my voice, with my rhythms and cadences.  So here's a podcast from KQED's The Writers' Block.  It's early in the book.  From Derek's point of view.  I hope you like it.  Send me a note about it.  I like knowing you're out there.