September 8, 2010

Free Write: flex your brain

You need to have more fun. Seriously. You need to let your imagination run wild, kick down a door, storm a castle, kill a dragon, kiss the girl, the boy, kiss whomever, whatever. 

Kiss Macgyver?

Our lives are hectic and unruly and unrelenting, but let's make time for our imaginations right now. Take five minutes and do something fun for yourself. Here's today's prompt:

This lady named Ruby has hit the end of her rope with her roommate, Daryl. He's inconsiderate, a slob. He isn't a bad person, per se, just oblivious and self-involved, and it's time for him to hit the bricks. He's also got a wee bit of a temper on him, one that Ruby hasn't yet seen in their domestic interactions. But he's not taking kindly to Ruby's suggestion that he needs to vacate the premisis.

What happens? Why is she finally asking him to leave now? Where does she give him the bad news? Is she scared? How does Daryl react? How does the scene unfurl, unravel?

Write 1 page, 4 pages, 10 pages. Remember to have fun.

Happy writing,

P.S. Please repost or forward this to anyone in your life whose imaginations are currently in solitary confinement and need a gentle nudge out into the light of day...

P.P.S. Art matters and so do you.