September 7, 2010

Reading in LA this Thursday with Grace Krilanovich

Are you still covered in dust from Burning Man?  Any good playa-shenanighans to report?  Any Labor Day debauchery that the rest of us should know about?  There's nothing wrong with vicarious thrills.

Once you get a good night's rest and slug a Gatorade, I'll be in Los Angeles at Skylight Books on 9/9 reading with Grace Krilanovich, whose first novel "The Orange Eats Creeps" came out last week.  I had the pleasure of reading Grace's book on a plane a couple months back.  She's a really talented writer, and I definitely recommend tucking OEC into your literary queue.

After the reading on Thurs, we'll all go out for some celebratory cocktails, so come through, say hi, and I'll even buy you a drink.  Chivalry is alive and well...