October 27, 2010

What happens at 3 a.m. stays at 3 a.m.

As a devout insomniac, any magazine that boasts of nocturnal tendencies is solid in my world. For those of you who don't read literary magazines (and you should read lit mags; they're where the most exciting writing is happening.), 3 a.m. features fiction, poetry, and criticism.  Check them out here

They just reviewed Termite Parade, and I wanted to thank them for their thoughtful read.  I love finding indie hubs where the heads really love literature.  There's so much concern (and rightly so) that the printed word is doomed, but I think it's just evolving.  The web has tons of pockets where those of us who cherish prose can find good material--like the Rumpus, the Nervous Breakdown, and so many others...  Make sure and add 3 a.m. to your queue.

"Mohr’s writing teems with energy. There is also an oddness, a quirkiness to Mohr’s imagination reminiscent of another great San Fran writer, the late Richard Brautigan." - 3 a.m. Mag