November 8, 2010

Your imagination needs a walk

I wonder why it's hard to let our characters be rowdy on the page. Have we been so conditioned to be tidy, respectful, sanitized citizens that it's even seaped into our fiction? When was the last time one of your characters made a big ol' gross wonderful fool of her/himself? When was the last time things got a little nuts on the page?

So in this prompt, go wild. Let your imagination swerve all over like a drunk driver.  Pretend your imagination is Nick Nolte, enjoying a couple cocktails and revving the engine.

Here goes:

Character X is going through a rough patch. She/he isn't so much "going through" said rough patch, but is kind of squatting there, thrown down some roots and enjoying an extended "vacation" in the rough patch.

And today just happens to be the day when she/he ain't gonna take it no more--they suddenly survey the squalor of their apartment: the to-go boxes, the empty booze bottles, the fact that their cell phone hasn't rang in six days, and they decide to tear it all down. She/he malfunctions and starts ripping the place apart, smashing and destroying the whole joint.

What's going through their mind while they deconstruct their worlds?

1 page, 17 pages, it doesn't matter. Just enjoy getting some words down. Your job isn't that important. Take 5 minutes for yourself.

Happy writing,