December 9, 2010

Largehearted Boy's Best Novels of 2010

Largehearted Boy is a fantastic site dedicated to music and literature.  It's a credible place for you to find out about the latest happenings.  One of the really cool things about it is that David, the site's mastermind, gives equal weighting to indie artists.  So even if  that don't have "major label" money hyping your project, David judges things based on their artistic merit, rather than the media machine.  Isn't that a crazy concept?

He's just put out his "Best Novels Of 2010" list and was nice enough to include Termite Parade.  Other notables are "Super Sad True Love Story," "Skippy Dies," and Grace Krilanovich's "The Orange Eats Creeps."  Grace and I both publish with Two Dollar Radio, and I was so excited to see her amazing book on there as well.  I can promise you that her book is like nothing you've ever read.

Thanks, David, for all your efforts and for helping us indie kids find an audience.  You're doing god's work.