December 13, 2010

Rain Taxi: "the big burning heart on Mohr’s sleeve"

How's your holiday shopping going?  I'm actually done, which is a first.  Normally, I'm a do-the-whole-shebang on Christmas Eve kind of guy, so this plan ahead thing has me feeling a bit "adult."  I'll try to do something immensely stupid to compensate.

Rain Taxi recently weighed in on Termite Parade.  A pull from their pretty words:

Termite Parade flaunts the big burning heart on Mohr’s sleeve, wildly tossing it about to light the way in a relentless search for answers to the unanswerable... In the scope of Mohr’s unrestrained vision, Derek and Mired find the only redemption worth attaining is brutal, uncompromising, and never guaranteed. 

Happy holidays,

PS: This morning, I woke up at 3:45 and couldn't go back to sleep, so I went to write at an all-night diner in the Castro.  You should do this some time.  It's weird and sort of wonderful.  The sorrow was thick as the pancake stacks.  I would have kissed any one of them. 

PPS: I'm still at the diner now.