March 2, 2011

NPR Interview

Good morning from rainy San Francisco.  I love these sorts of soggy days: a perfect excuse to stay inside and write all afternoon.  I'm not big on "going outdoors" or "doing stuff" so I don't even need a very compelling reason to hole up... but rain always means a pot of coffee, lots of Tom Waits, and (hopefully) a couple decent pages.

In case you missed the reading/interview that aired on NPR this weekend, here are the links should you want to gobble this stuff up:

Here's the reading part of the proceeds.  I think the kids call these podcasts.  So I'm going to call this a podcast.  But I might be using the word wrong.

And the Q & A.  Also maybe a podcast?

And finally a good ol' fashion review of Termite Parade courtesy of the interviewer, a wonderful gentleman named Rick Kleffel. He has a keen eye and an obvious enthusiasm for his job.  Thanks, Rick, for your dilligence and thoughtfulness.

Happy writing,