March 10, 2011

Rumpus Reading This Monday Night

Salutations, lovely people!!  How are you?  A quick note that I'll be reading this Monday, March 14th, as a part of the monthly Rumpus series here in San Francisco.  It's a great line-up.  Also reading will be Andrew Altschul, Beverly Parayno, and Timothy Donnelly.

More important than any of us silly writers, however, will be the performance by Lady Monster, Queen of the Fire Tassels!

Yes, that's right: Fire Tassels...

Also, comedy by W. Kamau Bell and a cartoon slideshow by Fairy Princess Elana Pritchard.

These events almost always sell out so grab tix here.

Hope to see you Monday at the Makeout Room,

PS: I posted some short-shorts at on online zine.  Here's one about eating clam chowder mixed with whiskey.  Another about bed wetting.  And how about a good ol' fashioned story about relapse?

PPS: If you come to the Makeout, say hi.  I like saying hi.  I like hugging even more than that.  Let's hug.