April 5, 2011

"Damascus" excerpt up at Brooklyn Rail

Salutations, good looking:

How are you on this fine day?  I just took a long walk around the Mission, enjoying some morning sunshine, listening to old Flaming Lips songs.  Sometimes, it amazes me how they always know the right things to say.

My new novel "Damascus" comes out in October, and the fine folks over at the Brooklyn Rail just posted an excerpt.  Please check it out and drop me a note about it.  I'd love to hear from you.  I'm feeling needy.  I require extra validation right now.  I'm not sure why, but I'm going to blame astrology and the fact I haven't been eating as much bacon.

If you're a writer, I hope the words you scribble today are beautiful.

If you're an avid reader, make your next pick something like Nabokov's "Pale Fire"--something that's constructed of perfect words. 

If you're neither, may your boss be extra special nice all day long.  Dare I say raise?  Yes, you need a raise.


PS: Why is poaching an egg so hard?
PPS: All I want is a poached egg and I keep screwing it up...