September 7, 2011

New Damascus excerpt, UK love, SF Weekly

There's this cool mag over in the UK called Beat The Dust.  They just released their first ever issue that focuses on American writers that publish with indie presses--8 of us all told, including the talented Roxane Gay, Lindsay Hunter, among others.  There's also an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Damascus, in the issue.  I'm crazy excited to share this book with all of you, and I hope you dig this little appetizer.  Why not pre-order your copy today?

Also, SF Weekly recommends 5 books by local writers for the fall, and they were nice enough to include Damascus.  Here's a pull from what they said:

A better understanding of our sweetly seedy city we could not ask for. Mohr wonders who might hang out in a Mission dive the Iraq war changes everything a world away and just outside.


PS: Did I tell you that I got engaged?