November 14, 2011

Brad Listi's Other People Podcast

There's this great guy, Brad Listi, who everyone should know about.  Not only is he the commander-in-chief over at The Nervous Breakdown, a great online culture magazine.  But he's a kickass author in his own right.  As if that doesn't keep him busy being awesome, he's started a new project called Other People, in which he chats with writers about their process and all kinds of odd byproducts thereof.  We just did one together.  It was a blast.

All Brad's podcasts are available on iTunes.

I've listened to previous ones with Ron Currie and Gina Frangello, and they're both fantastic.  And free.  And that's a winning combination.  Brad does a lot to support indie authors, so let's support him right back!

Happy early Thanksgiving, if you're into that sort of thing.  If you're not, I hope you spend the day doing something amazing that I don't even know about yet.


PS: Nice review of Damascus in this weekend's Wall Street Journal.
PPS: If you're in the Seattle area, I'm reading this Thurs, 11/17, with Johnny Evison at University Books; we'll all go out for drinks afterward.  I'd love to buy you a cocktail.
PPS: Here's a podcast of my reading from City Lights a couple weeks back.