December 17, 2011

"Beat-poet cool"

howdy, literati:

how are you on this lovely December day? it's clear skies in San Francisco, low 50s--one of the reasons i love this town so much... no seasons. 

i wanted to say thanks to the New York Times Book Review for their very generous write-up of Damascus:

"The author's jaunty voice [is] Beat-poet cool...Mohr nails the atmosphere of a San Francisco still breathing in the smoke that lingers from the days of Jim Jones and Dan White, a time when passionate ideologies and personal dysfunction intermingled and combusted."

happy holidays, everybody. i'm off to the Canadian tundra to scribble the days away and finish this weird fairy tale i'm working on.

until 2012,

PS: the fine folks over at All Sides recommend some yummy books. watch the vid of their discussion here.  they talk Damascus first.